Christmas & New Year

This is a wonderfully busy time for us and we start asking for orders in October. We have a huge choice of Poultry with farm fresh turkeys, bronze turkeys, free range Gressingham Geese, fresh farm ducks, capons, stuffed turkey breasts and a festive pot of duck, chicken and pheasant. And all the trimmings. We naturally can offer all joints of other meats specially prepared to requirements, and all our home baked, seasonal pies.

Traditional Farm Fresh Turkeys Sourced from the same farm for the last10 years, carefully reared and very tender.
Free Range Bronze Turkeys Reared for extra outdoor flavour
Free Range Gressingham Geese Traditional Christmas bird (order early!)
Fresh Farm Ducks Distinctive Aylesbury Ducks
Fresh Capon Style Chickens Succulent and oven-ready (up to 10lb)
Stuffed Turkey Breast Made individually to order
Festive Pot Duck, Chicken and Pheasant

SAUSAGES: Cocktail Pork, Lincolnshire, Cumberland, Classic, Thin Porkl, Pork Sausage Meat, Chipolatas in Streaky (12 per pack)
BACON: Dry Cured Middle, Dry Cured Back, Dry Cured Streaky, Rindless Back, Smoked Back
STUFFING: American Nut (for Turkey), Apricot & Nut (for Pork, Turkey & Goose)

Glazed Ham Joint We take boneless joints of ham and simmer them gently, before roasting them using brown sugar and cloves or ginger.

Boneless Rump Roast Premium Rump Roast
Boneless Rolled Sirloin
Sirloin Rib Roast Wing Rib
Fore Rib The Butcher’s Joint
Whole Fillet Always popular at Christmas & New Year
Topside & Silverside Corner cut, Rump end & Salmon cut

Whole Leg of Lamb
Cushion of Lamb Tender, delicious and easy to carve

Leg of Pork From local pigs
Shoulder of Pork Tasty, long slow roasting joint
Loin of Pork (on the bone or boneless) Tender, ideal for stuffing

Traditional Pork Pie 1lb, 2lb, 4lb Our own original recipe
Fletcher’s Butchers Pork Pie 1lb, 2lb, or 4lb: Fresh from the bakehouse
Turkey, Pork & Cranberry Pies Perfect festive combination for guests
Pheasant Pie Delicious eaten hot or cold
Homemade Sausage Rolls
Homemade Steak Pies
Homemade Quiches

If you have any special requests, do let us know and we will be happy to help. Make sure to get your order in as soon as you can!